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July 18, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: What happened to alliances?


On Sunday night's show, Daniele used the Veto to remove herself from the nomination block.  When Jen put Joe up for eviction in Daniele's place, the downfall to the alliances began.

You might be surprised how things are lining up in the house.  Enjoy today's Big Brother 8 spoiler!

Tuesday night in the Big Brother 8 House was a hoot!  Jen downed a bottle of wine and started running her mouth.  At one point she cornered America's Player Eric in the Head of Household room and tried to get him to talk strategy.  Eric basically told Jen whatever she wanted to hear to get her to shut up. 

Eric isn't the only one kissing Jen's ass while she's HoH.  Zach, Mike and Kail have had their lips firmly attached to the HoH ass as well.  As we already know; Zach, Mike, Kail and Nick are supposed to be in the "Mrs. Robinson Alliance."  However, things seem to be falling apart. 

Nick has alread told Daniele and Jameka that he wants to ruin his alliance from the inside out to realign with them and Amber, but a new drama sparked last night when Mike and Zach went head to head on whether Dick or Joe should be the one to go. 

Zach is voting to evict Joe, but Kail is campaigning to evict Dick.  Since Mike is loyal to Kail, he is campaigning to keep Joe by trying to persuade Zach to vote with his alliance.  When Zach told Mike he was voting however he wanted, Mike suggested that they just break up the alliance.

It looks like Mrs. Robinson and the boys aren't as close as Kail thinks!

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