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July 5, 2007

Big Brother 8 Starts out with a BANG!

Who knew that this group of Houseguest's would be such a Riot!  First of all, we have the 6 Rival Houseguest's.  Joe & Dustin are Ex's, Carol & Jessica are High School Nemesis', and last but not least, Danielle is Dick's Estranged Daughter!  Talk about a CRAZY set-up!  Can you imagine being in the house with your Father or Daughter that you haven't associated with in years?  I think I might go ahead and walk right out of the house if that were me.  But, it's not and I'm not, so we won't go there!  Of course, the blonde would be the first to cry (no offense; blondes are easier to break).  Joe isn't happy about being in the house with Dustin.  So much that he aired, as Jessica called it , "Dirty Laundry" about Gonorrea!  Ewe!  Next time Joe, leave the digusting details at the door.  Carol didn't seem to care that her rival, Jessica was in the house.  There wasn't much of a storyline there anyways.  "She owed me $5 and never paid it back."  Why in the world would BB put a storyline rival such as that into the house.  Good grief.  Okay.  Now onto the CRUSHES!  We know of 2 people that have the HOTS for other houseguest's!  Joe has got a 'lil something, something for Nick.  Zach has the hots for Jen.  Possible hook-up's headed our way?  MAYBE!  We will have to watch and see.

I will, however, tell you exactly whose side I am on right now.  I am totally digging Amber.  She looks like the girl who has everything.  What do I mean by everything?  Everything needed to play this game.  But most of all, she looks like she is a behind the back, backstabbing B!*#H.  I cannot wait to see what she is going to pull in this house!  She just has a sneaky look to her!

QUICK REMINDER!  Don't forget about Big Brother 8 Live Feeds showing on SHOWTIME 2 After Dark starting tonight!  Should be interesting to see how they present the feeds on a television channel! 

 Check back for ANY breaking news! 


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