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July 25, 2007

Britney's interview turns out to be 'crappy' rather than OK!


Britney Spears doesn't just sing a song called "Crazy," but she has basically gone crazy herself.  The truth is starting to come out about what went wrong with Brit's OK! interview and photo shoot.

The interview with OK! magazine was supposed to clear up all of the rumors about how wacky Britney has become, but intead it backfired.

Britney evidently let her new puppy poop on a $6,700 Zac Posen gown, wiped her greasy hands on a pink silk Alisha Levine dress, took repeated bathroom breaks without closing the door and fled after four test shots still wearing more than $14,000 of OK!'s borrowed clothing, the magazine said.

To top it off, the pictures were such bad quality that OK! called them unpublishable.

"What we experienced was a young girl who is desperately in need of help. And sadly she has surrounded herself with too many people who are pretending that nothing is wrong," OK! said in excerpts from its story that hits newsstands on Friday.

The editor-in-chief of OK!, Sarah Ivens, said in a statement the magazine had spent "a heartbreaking day with Britney Spears and witnessed first-hand an emotional cry for help that will leave you shocked and sad."

Where is child and family services?  Are her kids ok?

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how dare you suggest that Britney should lose her children over wiping her hands on a dress... you disgust me.

I think there is a lot of reason to have those kids taken away. If Britney can't take care of a puppy, then she definitely can't take care of 2 or 3 kids.

Are you kidding me?! They definitely need to take those kids away....

Shutup, this cow can't raise no kids, she's turned into what she was raised in, a fucking redneck hillbilly.

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