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July 14, 2007

Female rapper Remy Ma running from the cops

Female rapper Remy Ma is on the run!  The foul mouthed badass wannabe, born Remy Smith, is wanted after being accused of shooting her friend in the leg.

Remy evidently shot Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the leg over a $2,000 dispute.

After filling up on thin-crust pizzas and downing fancy drinks, Remy Ma and three men left the eatery's VIP section and piled into a Cadillac Escalade, witnesses said.

Barnes-Joseph walked outside and slid behind the wheel of her Nissan Maxima, a college graduation gift from her mom. About 10 minutes later, Remy Ma got out of the SUV, pulled open the driver's side door of the Maxima and shot the woman twice in the midsection, police sources and witnesses said.

Remy tried to flee the scene in her SUV, but wrecked it a few blocks away.  The two men who were with her were arrest by police while the "bad ass" rapper ran on foot like a chicken shit.

The picture above is from Barnes-Joseph's MySpace page, obviously from a day when the two women were getting along much better.  Remy is on the left and Barnes-Joseph is on the right. (It's okay, I didn't know who she was either.)

I hope they catch this bitch and teach her a lesson.  No one is above the law, no matter how many foul words you have in your vocabulary!

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yea and!what else is new? Goddamn ghetto bitches

ummm sorry to correct you but isnt that two men in drag

Remy MA forever. Stop hatin on her. She will get by just fine.

No art1e... they are just two of the ugliest ghetto bitches we've ever seen!

KIm,Foxy,Remy- Sometimes the Rap Game reminds me of the Crack Game

One take I heard was that dear miss Ma was jealous of her "friend"'s seemingly perpetually exposed tight toned abs..so..she just upped n' plugged 'er in the belly...Hey...wassup???

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