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July 16, 2007

I REALLY DO love Victoria Beckham!


Last week, I wrote that I think I love Victoria Beckham.  After tonight's "Victoria Beckham: Welcome to America," I can now say that I REALLY DO love Victoria Beckham!

NBC should have given her a whole season, and I think they should reconsider it.  Everyone I know from my old aunt Rhonda to my fabulous fag hag Patty was glued to their TV to watch Posh Spice move her sexy husband David Beckham and their kids to the states.

Everyone is about to adopt the word "major" into their vocabulary multiple times, and now we all know not to ask for naked pics of Becks.  Tsk, tsk Perez.

David and Victoria are the most famous couple in the world now that they're conquering America.  I would settle for seeing the Beckhams on a Bravo show.  I mean, even Kathy Griffin has a Bravo show... OMG I'm just Kidding!!  I love Kathy Griffin... but you get the point.

I totally should have gone after the Queer Eye Guys instead of Kathy Griffin.

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omg love her too! shes so cute!

omg love her too! shes so cute!

oh but WOULDN'T that be lovely....??!

i mean, kick off the has-been kathy griffin, and finally make room for the Beckham's - a glorious idea, i say!!

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