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July 20, 2007

Is Anderson Cooper coming out?!

Anderson Cooper has been accused of being gay MANY times in the past, but now it looks like his friends and co-workers may have a confirmation that the rest of us so desire.

In this video, Anderson Cooper jokes with one of his coorespondents saying her husband "clearly has nothing to worry about" after the two joked about having a baby together.

Maybe her husband has nothing to worry about, because everyone knows Cooper is gay. 

gaysocialites.blog has a VERY RELIABLE male source who claims to have dated Anderson back in the early 00's.  We're just waiting for Coop to officially join the family!

If you can't get enough Anderson, then you can tune into CNN on Monday at 7pm as Cooper will moderate the first CNN/ YouTube presidential debate where candidates will answer questions from home made YouTube videos. Anderson will serve as the moderator.

Want more on this topic? Look around!


You VERY RELIABLE source is a liar and a fraud.

Anderson being gay is OLD NEWS.

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