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July 16, 2007

Naked pictures of Lindsay Lohan??

Here we go!  It looks like Lindsay Lohan may have gotten out of rehab just in time to see naked pictures of herself plastered all over the web!

Celebslam.blog, the site that dug up the pictures of Lindsay and Vanessa Minnillo knife photos seen here says they have naked pictures of Lindsay Lohan... and they're going to publish them!!!!!!

Here's the problem.... when word of this got out, their site got overloaded making it impossible to get on to their domain.

CelebSlam.blog says that their owner talked Lohan, and Lindsay told them that a hacker  "broke into my computer and left a file on my desktop saying he got the pictures Cal took from me naked." Also in the "chat," Lindsay says her lawyers have been contacted, and Page Six talked to her rep, who says, "Anything is possible. I know nothing about it."

This is going to be totally juicy!  Thanks to the thuggish sex whore Calum Best for catching Lindsay with her pants down!

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i have been trying to get on this website all day, and i can't!!!!!!!

The uncensored nude pictures of Lindsey Lohan nude are coming sooner than you think. Believe it or not, here are a few pics at the link in this post to tide you over in the meantime - heh heh heh


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