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July 3, 2007

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo's sexy photo controversy


If you expected Nick Lachey to say that Vanessa Minnillo is ruining his life, then you're going to be very upset when you read the couple's exclusive interview with OK! Magazine.

In the interview, Nick seems to be enjoying his new promiscious lifestyle and also appears very angry feeling and violated that the paparazzi snapped steamy picks of he and Vanessa damn near screwing in a hot tub.

“Where’s the scandal? I was in Mexico with my girlfriend of a year, celebrating our anniversary on a private vacation," Lachey explained.  "It’s not like I was caught with a Mexican hooker. We’ve all gone out and had a few too many and done something stupid. We’ve all made mistakes."

Vanessa seemed a bit more ashamed of the pics but still not regretful.

Minillo says the photos are “embarrassing. But we did nothing wrong. … I felt personally violated. If I was being disrespectful I would expect to be punished, but I wasn’t. It’s wrong.”

The photos of Vanessa and Lindsay Lohan playing murder-suicide, that's a different story.

“When a photo like that gets more press than what you do, it’s sad. It was a period of seconds, over a year ago. Yes, of course, it was bad judgment. Yes, of course I was embarrassed. I haven’t seen [Lindsay] recently or talked to her. She’s trying to get herself better,” Vanessa said.

When asked about a Lachey/ Minnillo wedding, Nick says it hasn't been discussed.

“The ‘m’ word has been mischief lately. We’re enjoying each other’s company and we’re very happy, but we’re not looking too far ahead. The future will be what it will be. We’ll see where it goes.”

The entire interview appears in the latest edition of OK! Magazine available now on news stands in New York and throughout the rest of the country on Thursday and Friday.

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the public need to leave them alone. they should be able to have private lives too, ya know.

they are both stupid. lindsay too.

i think the media need to leave them alone. the public is only following the media lead.

publush the sex photos, who cares if they sue. she is a slut! eveyone wants to see them. it will be the story of the year!

We have a right to see our celeb's penises/

We have a right to see our celeb's penises/

So ok Nik Lachey is sooo hot Im sure someone should tell him that he can make million upon million he went to playgril!

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