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July 18, 2007

Posh wants LA friends, but not Paris Hilton

The more I learn about Victoria Beckham, the more I love her!  As everyone knows, I have some very inappropriate dreams about her sexy soccer stud husband David; but Victoria continues to impress me!

The Posh Spice Girl moved to LA and documented the whole thing for her NBC special that aired on Monday and basically bombed losing to a rerun of Wife Swap.  That doesn't affect my love for her at all!

In the NBC special "Victoria Beckham: Coming to America," Posh took a few stabs at Paris Hilton; but now we know that Vicky doesn't want anything to do with the jail bird socialite.

Paris is reported to have said about Victoria: "We could be soulmates."

However, Victoria apparently told a friend: "Over my dead body!"

Sources claim Victoria - who counts Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez among her good friends - believes being associated with Paris could have negative consequences for her.

You think?!  We know!  Good choice Victoria. 

The GaySocialites love Posh Spice!!!

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would you want to hang around paris hilton?????

I think a girl trying to launch a reality TV show of that kind would have helped herself by talking to Paris. But even more unimpressive is the fact that Posh never met Paris and made her insulting comment in response to a very sweet comment from Paris. Posh is TRASH and looks like she will be in the next porn movies.

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