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July 07, 2007

Possible Big Brother 8 Showmance Brewing?

Uh-Oh!  I smell a Big Brother 8 Showmance Approaching! Find out who, inside!




Mike and Jen decided that they were going to have their 1st date in the Big Brother House tonight!  They got all dressed and spiced up for each other.  Mike picked up Jen at the HOH room and greeted her with some Cute Pink Flowers.  Of course, being a girl, she giggled, thanked him, and then they proceeded to the hammock where they have been for the last 40 minutes.  Their conversation has consisted of their actual first dates, things their parents discussed with them about sex, and then started discussing the game.  Now, Mike has pulled out the stops and gotten a bottle of Champagne.  I think his plans for this dated are moving faster than what we all had anticipated!  Will this showmance be a success?  We will have to watch to find out!

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Mike is a bit awkward! He talks in toungues sometimes. I figured all of the girls would go for Zack or Nick.

ewww i hope not!

K, I'm hoping someone here could offer a knowledgeable opinion: any chance that Jen is transexual? I would swear that I've seen an Adam's Apple and that voice and laugh just creep me out!

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