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July 31, 2007

Star Jones admits to weight loss surgery

Former co-host of the View, Star Jones, is finally admitting that she had weight loss surgery to help her lose weight in 2003.

Jones has avoided questions in the past, but now she has decided to "tell-all" in a first person essay addmitting she had gastric bypass surgery in the latest edition of Glamour magazine

"I admit that when asked about my obvious weight loss over the past four years, I was intentionally evasive. Lying was never an option for me, so I called it a “medical intervention,” which was true, but it was really a pathetic attempt to tell only the truth I could handle at the time."

In the same article Jones blames her parents for letting her get fat.

"I was so angry: How had I allowed myself to get to 307 pounds?" she wrote. "I could clearly remember the days when I'd considered myself fly and curvaceous. Funny—or sad—how we 'thick' girls can justify being excessively overweight."

No big surprise here.  We all already knew Star Jones was fat, and we all pretty much assumed she had something snipped.

Tell us something we aren't sure about Star.  I would much rather hear that her husband Al Reynolds is finally coming out of the closet.

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