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July 6, 2007

The Big Brother 8 Hearthrob: Nick Starcevic


It must be hard for Nick Starcevic.  You realize going into the Big Brother 8 house that you will probably be the most athletic guy playing the game since you're a former football player, but then you arrive and realize "holy shit, I'm the hottest guy in the whole house!"

His strategy must have taken him forever to think up as well. 

1.  Lounge around and look really sexy.

2.  Get the perfect camera angle to show off my 120 abs.

3.  Lounge around in the hot tub remaining very silent, but very beautiful.

5.  Even paint your finger nails pink if necessary.

6.  Don't forget to stretch while everyone is looking.

7. Make sure you're looking good... then repeat.

Whatever Nick Starcevic's Big Brother strategy is, it's working on me!

[Photos from inside the Big Brother house compliments of Big Brother 8 HQ

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I LOVE Nick.

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hqro wvcah bkqgi cghqma mbfkhwc gjsdky uoxznk

I think Nick is a hottie and he being on Big Brother insured that I watched every episode, every married woman needs a little eye candy, fantasy mad every once in a while. And to top it all off, he is sweet too. I am happy, happy, happy to see he and Danielle together. I wish them a long and happy life together!!!

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