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July 20, 2007

What is Tom Brady thinking?!

Super sexy footballer Tom Brady seems to be at the center of baby-daddy drama lately.  Even though Tom is hot and heavy with his girlfriend Giselle Bundchen, his baby-mamma Bridget Moynahan is evidently scheduled to give birth Friday.

The National Ledger reported this morning that Tom and Bridget made an appointment for her to give birth to their baby boy on Friday in Los Angeles so that Tom could bond with baby Brady before heading back to work. 

Now, the Ledger is reporting that Tom and Giselle have been spotted running around New York.

Some piece of the puzzle doesn't seem to fit.  Is the National Ledger full of shit or is Tom turning out to be a lame duck daddy?

Giselle is evidently jealous of Tom and Bridget's sudden reconciliation, so that might have something to do with it!

Consequently, Friday is Giselle's 27th birthday as well.

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Obviously the story of the birth date was FALSE! Bridget did not give birth so big deal if Tom was in NYC. I far as I recall she was always due in August. This story was spinned so the rags could speculate on imagining his baby being born on Gisele B-day, nothing more!

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