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August 8, 2007

Big Brother 8 beefcake Nick Starcevic free and blogging

The Big Brother 8 heart throb Nick Starcevic was booted from the Big Brother house on Thursday leaving his showmance with Daniele Donato behind.

Now, Nick is seemingly trying to get back to real life.  He wrote a blog on his MySpace page telling his online buddies that he was trying to catch on up on his instant online stardom.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Messages and Friend Requests...

    Hey everyone... Thanks for all the support and interest... I have over 3000 messages so I'm trying to get to them all as soon as possible ... I will however get to them all eventually so sorry if it takes forever...Appreciate everything...

2:09 PM - 55 Comments - 55 Kudos - Add Comment

As you can tell by the 55 comments and kudos, the fans don't mind.

We're still waiting on our interview.

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