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August 8, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Amber bashes New Yorkers and Jews


Big Brother 8's crying wonder Amber bashed both Jews and New Yorkers earlier this week while talking with fellow house guest Jameka.  I wonder if this will make the show on CBS?

After making multiple anti-sematic remarks saying her mother and sister told her you can tell when people are Jewish based on "their last name" and "by their nose."  Amber added, "How typical?  He's from New York, people from New York are fucked up!"

You know what Amber, fuck you!  I almost liked Amber for a hot minute, but now I have realized she is simply a stupid bitch.  Her fag, Dustin, better dump her in this game before she gets more diarhea of the mouth and gets herself booted from the Big Brother game!

Welcome to the Stupid Bitches Club, Amber.  Cry about that fatty.

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i hate her

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