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August 10, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Jessica's nominees are...


Jessica's reign in the Big Brother house has only just begun, and despite the fact that it keeps America's Player Eric safe... the forums are an uproar over her nominations.


With Jessica as Head of Household, America's Player is safe this week as she is not only in Eric's alliance... but she is his best friend in the house.  You would think that would make America happy right?  Wrong...

The forums are all in an uproar since Jessica has nominated Dick and Daniele for eviction.  For some reason, it seems that tons of Big Brother fans are rooting for the Donatos.

Dustin has told Jessica that she should put him up for eviction up against either Dick or Daniele if they are removed from the chopping block by the veto winner.

The members of Big Brother 8 HQ are standing firmly behind Daniele, and I'm not sure why.  They are even fantasizing a plan for Dustin's to get evicted from the house.

The forum's moderator, Misty, writes...

"Let's say, Daniele wins the POV and takes herself off of the block.

So that would be Dustin and Dick on the block.

Dustin & Dick.

Now... tally these votes...

Daniele = Votes to Evict Dustin
Zach = Votes to Evict Dustin
Jen = Votes to Evict Dustin
Eric = Votes to Evict Dustin
(b/c America will tell him too; considering Dustin was the recent AP Challenge Winner

Amber = Votes to Evict Dick
Jameka = Votes to Evict Dick"

I am shocked that America voted for Eric to target Dustin, but then again these dilusional voters are the people who are deciding what Eric does in the BB8 house. This is why Eric is ultimately going to get evicted, and that is pretty pathetic.

Want more on this topic? Look around!


I agree! What is up with all these people siding with D&D?
I think we've already learned from past experience *coughs*2004Election*coughs* that voting can never be left up to the American public.

If dick is evict , big brother will be one big boring show to watch. He is the only one that keeps things stirred up. all the other ones just sit around , eat and sleep and are so fake and sweet to each other that makes my teeth hurt. who wants to watch a bunch of boring people sit around and sleep. I can't watch my family for that.

The reason america is voting out Dustin is because he lied about his vote to his alliance. Plus we wanted Eric out of the house because HE AND Big brother Lied to the viewers, who PAY to vote, trying to make us believe that he campaigned to get Kail out of the house, when Eric was trying hardcore to get Nick out. Nick was voted out because of Eric, when America wanted kail out. It was his job to convince the others to keep Nick in, but he wanted him out and went against america. Which is why the banner was flown over the house and his reputation destroyed. His only reason for being in the house is to do what america wants, Hence the title America's player. But he didn't and now we want him out.

SOMEONE who agrees with me at LAST! Whoo!

And for the 18 millionth time - Dustin did NOT lie to his alliance about the vote, it was flipped last minute and AMBER AGREED to keep Eric over Kail at about 2:30am Thursday morning. The four of them agreed then that keeping Eric, and the numbers advantage for at least a week, was the best move strategically.

That said - I do think it'd be freakin hysterical if they put up Dustin and he got voted out. Even though I adore Eric. Here's hoping he can spin some magic and make sure that Jen/Zach vote to evict Dick, so he can CHA.

You're all douches. Do you really want to listen to Jameka blather on about her "gangsta god" for weeks? Or Amber bash Jews? Dustin queen out on everything? D&D make the best drama of the season. Without them it turns into the end of Season 6 all over again.

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