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August 23, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Did Eric blow his cover as America's Player?


As all the Big Brother 8 fans know, Eric is one of the twists as "America's Player."  His strategy and voting are both carried out based upon the viewer's votes.

His job is to keep his twist a secret and complete the tasks along the way.  He banks $10K for every task he completes.

But has Eric blown his cover this week?

Eric may have stuck his foot in his mouth on Wednesday while he was talking about his strategy for the game.  As America's Player on Big Brother, it must be hard for him to remember that everyone else doesn't know that he is part of the twist.

While discussing who he wanted to go home, Eric said that he hoped America voted her off this week.  Zach started babbling something about an America's Choice, and Big Brother interrupted to call Eric to the diary room.

I don't think Zach was smart enough to catch on, but if Jen already knows.  Eric has to be careful to make sure he doesn't tip off anyone else!

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