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August 18, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Does Jen know about 'America's Player?'

For the first time ever on reality TV, America has a player that they can control in the Big Brother 8 house.  Now, rumor has it that Jen may know about Eric.

If you've been watching Big Brother 8 on CBS, then you know that Eric's moves are being controlled by a popular vote among viewers.  It has caused him to switch alliances, vote out favorites, etc.

However, rumor has it now that Jen knows Eric is playing for America.  Big Brother 8 HQ and Big Brother Addicts are both reporting that Jen found one of Eric's cards directing him of his next action.

Here's an interesting Rumor that was posted about Jen today as a comment here on the Big Brother Addicts Blog.

Ok, I just got the Jen low-down from a PA at CBS. Apparently, very early on in the game, Eric was leaving the DR and Jen was going in. Eric had just received some instructions, but the staff left the envelope on the couch. Jen came in and found it, and saw HER name on the card (it was a vote on getting someone put on the block). At that time, they had to scramble and fill her in, although she doesn't know the names are coming from America- she just thinks it BB. This now explain why she's calling him 'Mr. America" (it's on the outside of the envelope), and why she's fairly cocky about knowing so much more than others. For the record, they did not tell Eric that she knows. Also, there has been no proof or even suspicion of either Eric OR Jen telling anybody else about his status. Oh, yeah- in return for playing along, if Jen wins the money, she does NOT have to give up the $250K she wagered.

It sounds like a likely story, but it couldn't have happened too early in the game or Jen wouldn't have had to worry about giving up $250K.  However, that could have just added to Jen's strategy for playing the game.

What do you think?!

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Eric actually looks kinda hot in this pic... as for Jen, it sounds likely. How else would the producers deal with it? Make it another twist? Pay her off?

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