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August 22, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Is Jen blackmailing the game?


So as we first told you last week, it seems as though Jen knows about Eric as America's Player.  As the story goes, Jen found Eric's assignment from America in the diary room.

Many wondered if Big Brother planted the card on purpose.  If they did, you can guarantee they are regretting it now.

Earlier this week, Jen got a penalty nomination for next week that was later revolked (as Misty Firestone reported).  Instead, Jen got a penalty vote towards this week's vote.

Why did Big Brother revoke her penalty nod and replace it with a vote? 

If I had to guess, Jen is playing the game-makers.  If she does know about Eric and agrees to keep his America's Player status a secret, Big Brother will probably give her whatever she wants.

I guess we'll find out on Thursday when Jen is eliminated.

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