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August 13, 2007

BIG BROTHER 8 SPOILER - Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

What happened in today's Power of Veto Ceremony?  Find out inside!




As you all know, our friends Dick & Daniele were on the Nomination Block.  The Veto Ceremony was held a short while ago and the results are pretty much what I expected and will have a very interesting outcome, depending of course, on what America decides to do with Eric.

 Dick USED the Power of Veto to save his Daughter, Daniele.  So Daniele is now safely off the nomination block. 

Who went up in her place?

 Jessica placed DUSTIN as the replacement nominee!

Now, I ask you to take a look at the following, in which I presented to my Big Brother Group Friday to get their take on it.

Dick and Dustin are nominated.  Look at the following possibility...

Jameka votes to Evict = Dick

Amber votes to Evict = Dick

Daniele votes to Evict = Dustin

Zach votes to Evict = Dustin

Jen votes to Evict = Dustin

ERIC votes to Evict = ? (more than likely will be Dustin; considering the results of the last AP Challenge)


How is that for a MAJOR TURN AROUND???  Who knows how it will play out?

I guess we will find out soon enough!

Want more on this topic? Look around!


Love It ! I want Dustin to go home!!!!!!

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