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August 18, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The Power of Veto


The Power of Veto competition took place in the Big Brother 8 on Saturday.  With Daniele as Head of Household, the next move is unpredictable.

Let's see who won the PoV, and let's get your opinion... will the PoV winner use it to change Daniele's nominees for eviction?

In Saturdays Power of Veto competition Daniele, Jameka and Amber played as HoH and nominees.  Daniele drew a houseguest's choice ball, and she asked her dad Dick to play.  Zach and Jessica rounded off the six players.  Eric and Jen didn't get to play, and Eric who has never played for the veto hosted the competition. 

The competition was based on questions the fans were asked earlier in the week.  It was basically a "Power of 10" type competition.

Daniele and Amber won a trip outside the house.  Daniele ultimately won the Power of Veto.

Do you think she'll use it to change things up?  Maybe they'll back door Jen or Zach.

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she will not use it

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