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August 14, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Who is going home?!


Jessica has nominated Dick and Daniele for eviction, and if you've been keeping up on our Big Brother Spoiler reports then you know that the Veto Competition and Ceremony have already taken place. 

If you need to catch up, check out these links:

I am eating my own words.  Just last week, I said that there was no way the Late Night Crew alliance would nominate one of their own as a pawn.

Our Big Brother Corespondent, Misty Firestone, posted in her article "Power of Veto Ceremony Results" a formula that could send Dustin packing.

Incase you didn't catch up here's the skinny - Dick won the Power of Veto and used it to remove Daniele from the eviction block.  Jessica, the Head of Household, replaced Dick with a member of her own alliance, Dustin.

Since America voted to have Eric try and get Dustin on the block, he has completed another task.  Now, if the viewers decide to make Eric vote to keep Dick... then Dustin will go home.

Dick is expected to get votes from the members of his shaky alliance.  If that's the case, then Jen and Zach will both vote to evict Dustin.  If Amber and Jameka vote to evict Dick, then it will leave America's Player to decide who goes home.  So, basically the popular vote gets to decide who goes home.

I would personally like to see Dick go, but then again these are the same voters who elected George W. Bush TWICE... so I won't hold my breath.

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