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August 4, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Who is nominated now?


Julie Chen left us in limbo on Thursday night as to who the next Big Brother Head of Household will be. 

However, we now know there's a new HoH... keep reading to find out which Big Brother house guests they have nominated for eviction.

As we told you on Thursday night, Daniele is the new Head of Household in the Big Brother 8 house, and this could mean revenge!

Last week, Dustin nominated and the house guests chose to evict Daniele's showmance, Nick.  Daniele, however, did not cast one of the two votes that let to Nick's ouster.

Since Thursday's live show, Evil Dick seems to be laying off of Jen a bit; but that doesn't mean "E.D." is sitting quietly.  Now, he's after America's Player Eric saying he is a liar. 

Daniele has made her nominations copying the past two Heads of Household putting Jen and Kail back on the choping block.  Daniele's strategy, though, is to help out her father by backdooring America's player Eric.

Daniele seems to believe that she has her plan to replace one of the nominees with Eric under tight lock and key, however all of the house guests seem to already know her plans.

It doesn't seem likely that Daniele and Dick will be able to get rid of America's Player this week.  If someone does win the Power of Veto competition and agrees to remove either Kail or Jen, it is likely that the rest of the house will vote to evict the lady remaining on the block.


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