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August 23, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: Who will go? Jameka or Jen?


As we all know Daniele yanked Amber off the block going against her own nominations to back door Jen. 

Since Jen has gone on the block she has gone somewhat crazy.

The big question is:  Who will go?  Jameka or Jen?

It seems only natural that Jen will be voted out this week since she has a penalty vote and all, but it would really suck for Eric if the viewers voted for him to evict Jameka. 

Some feed watchers are speculating in various forums that Eric came out of the diary room and pledged his vote to Jameka, but he was heard later telling Jessica how much he hates Jameka.

There has also been some talk of keeping Jen and throwing the Head of Household competition to Amber who will then get Jen evicted.  If the house votes to send Jameka packing and if Eric's vote is against theirs... then people may start to worry about him again.

In order for Jameka to get the boot, it would take a strange turn of events especially since Jen does have a penalty vote against her and especially since Jameka can't compete in the HoH competition.

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