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August 6, 2007

Big Brother grounds pilot over banners


The folks behind Big Brother have grounded a pilot who flies message banners to houseguests over the reality show's set.

Even though Jerry Hider of Blue Yonder Air isn't the person who pulled the message that aired on Sunday's show, lawyers for Endemol USA Inc. sent a cease and desist letter anyway.

They simply want Jerry to stop flying his plane over the Big Brother 8 house.  Endemol says the banners violate a "tort of intentional interference of an advantageous business relationship."  In other words, he is ruining the game.

"It's always great to have fans that are this engaged and passionate about 'Big Brother.' However, we also need to protect the integrity of the competition, which does not allow any outside influence on the houseguests who are sequestered from the public broadcast and therefore unaware of some of the secret twists in the show," according to a statement from CBS.

As we reported earlier, Big Brother 8 HQ operator Misty Firestone says that former Big Brother contestant Janelle Pierza is behind the banner that went over the BB8 House on Thursday that read, "We  Nick!  Amber & Eric Lies. LNC= Nerdherd."

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