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August 26, 2007

Big Brother SPOILER: The Power of Veto Winner

The Power of Veto competition was held on Saturday in the Big Brother house.  Will Jessica's nominations stay the same? 

Here are the results of the Veto battle!

Jessica has nominated Zach and Amber for eviction.  Jessica's alliance with Dick, Daniele and Eric seems to be ok with anyone other than one of those four going home.

Jessica, Zach and Amber got to play as the Head of Household and the two nominees.   Also drawn to play in the competition were Eric, Jameka and Daniele.

Amber pulled Jameka's name, Jessica got Daniele and Zach pulled Eric into his first Veto competition in Big Brother 8.  I believe Zach picked Eric as house guests choice, and the other two just lucked out by choosing their allies. 

The on going joke has been that Eric keeps dodging the Veto competition.  This time America's Player not only competed, but he won.

For the first time ever, Eric has won the Power of Veto.  Does this mean viewers will get to vote whether or not he uses and if so, on whom? 

I am not sure how the editing would go for that since they normally announce the winner and their choice to use it on the same show.  Maybe CBS will get creative with the editing?!

The competition involved either cats or rats (I can't tell what they are saying).  It was also some how centered around trivia questions from previous questions.

It sounds like this competition was similar to the Tiki battle between James and Janelle during all-stars when they fought for the Marcellas doll. 

The entire Power of Veto competition and ceremony normally play out on Tuesday nights on CBS.

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