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August 31, 2007

Did anyone watch 'Celebrity Rap Superstar' on MTV?


Much to my surprise, MTV's new Celebrity Rap Superstar debuted Thursday night.  I knew it was coming, but I had no idea it would premier this soon.

How in the world did Perez Hilton and Efren Ramirez get on there?  Perez Hilton is a blogger, not a celebrity.  Efren Ramirez is the "Vote for Pedro" guy from Napoleon Dynamite.  He's hardly a celebrity either. 

Jason Wahler made a joke out of the show and deserves to be voted off.  Kendra Wilkinson tried, and I'm sure she'll stay in this week because Jason was so bad.

If anyone is actually going to become a Celebrity Rap Superstar, Countess Vaughn and Shar Jackson would probably be the only two that could stand a chance. 

MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar airs Thursday at 10pm EST.


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