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August 04, 2007

Don't drink the water in Jersey

Residents in New Jersey are on a water alert this weekend. Authorities say you must boil the water before consuming it.

The warning also means that you shouldn't wash your car, water the lawn or play on the slip-n-slide.

HARRINGTON PARK, N.J. (AP) — Lightning struck twice at a water plant that serves more than 750,000 people leaving some with little or no running water Saturday, authorities said.

United Water New Jersey told residents to boil water before consuming it and ordered them not to use any water for non-essential purposes.

"No water use outdoors today. And we understand that's a little bit of a hardship because it's going to be another 90-degree smoldering day. But no lawn watering. No car washing," United Water spokesman Rich Henning said.

Lighting hit the plant Friday night, and a second strike around midnight cut power to the plant, located in Haworth, and hobbled the backup generators, Henning said.

Electrical crews were working to restore power to the plant, but it was not clear how long that work would take, he said.

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