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August 6, 2007

gaysocialites.blog loves the NY Daily News

Everyone is a buzz about this Michael Biserta/ FDNY calendar scandal.  After gaysocialites.blog posted the video of Biserta on the "Guys Gone Wild" video, the "Internet's gone wild over FDNY coverboy." 

The Daily News broke the story originally, but on Monday they reported on what people are saying about Mike and the FDNY calendar.  They even used a comment left by qjersey on our article titled: Sexy NYFD calendar extinguished over model's past (hot video & pics!).

The FDNY brass are such IDIOTS.

Now the calendar will be worth so much more money...AND Guys Gone Wild is gonna make a mint off that DVD...and who suffers? the charities that the calendar would benefit.

Keep reading for the entire article from the New York Daily News.

Internet's gone wild over FDNY coverboy

Monday, August 6th 2007, 4:00 AM

Overexposed FDNY calendar coverboy Michael Biserta's "Guys Gone Wild" video is burning up the Internet - and winning him a whole new fan base.

Biserta is one of the top searches on Google as admirers hunt down a clip of the hunk dancing around wearing nothing but his Staten Island smile.

Most of the returns for the 22-year-old's name on Google direct Web surfers to gay blogs and sites.

"I know cute muscular firemen exist in Texas somewhere, but I have yet to find them," a male admirer from Dallas said on one site. "Michael is gorgeous ... that chest is so dreamy!" another gushes.

Biserta shot his "Guys Gone Wild" star turn before he became a fireman assigned to Ladder 131 in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

When he was chosen for the FDNY Foundation's calendar, no one apparently knew about his porno past. Fire Department Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta was so angry that on Friday he banned firefighters from ever posing for the calendar.
There's nothing like telling folks they can't have something, however, to make them want it. Getting a glimpse at Biserta's very full monty has apparently boosted sales of the calendar online and at area stores.

"We had a big jump in sales since it hit the news," said a manager at The Firestore in Greenwich Village.

"It's always a big seller, but yesterday we got 40 orders right away and have another 40 to 50 more on back order," he said.

On the Internet, one fan observed, "The calendar will be worth so much more money ... and 'Guys Gone Wild' is gonna make a mint off that DVD." He went on to criticize Scoppetta for putting the kibosh on future calendars: "Who suffers? The charities that the calendar would benefit!"

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