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August 12, 2007

Hot Mess of the Week: Britney Spears

We've started a new tradition here at gaysocialites.blog, called the Hot Mess of the Week.  Not only is it a cheap plug for our Sunday night party at Porky's in NYC titled "Hot Mess," but it is also a way to share in someone else's unfortunate existence.

Our first ever Hot Mess of the Week is Britney Spears!

This week, Britney has been smacked with papers from ex-husband Kevin Federline in which he demands full custody of the couple's two children, Sean Preston and Jaden James.

Britney is also accusing her mother, Lynne Spears, of sleeping with Fed-ex.  It's true.  Evidently, Britney believes that Mama Spears is banging her damaged goods.  I hope it is NOT true and only a figure of Britney's hallucinations.

Speaking of Britney's hallucinations, the "Toxic" singer has been spotted around Los Angeles constantly sucking on a lollipop.  Those loaded lollipops are evidently laced with morphine keeping a smile on Britney's fucked-up face.

Also this week...

  • Britney was busted buying a ton of candles at a 'mom-n-pops' drug store.
  • She was running around with her former best friend/ assistant Alli Sims who was also served papers by K-Fed in the middle of the night evidently accusing her of being an "enabler."
  • Spears was also spotted buying a few new wigs (luckily for us!)

Congrats to Britney for being our first ever Hot Mess of the Week!  Let's see if she can do it again next week!

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Britney had so much potential and ruined it. Just like Linday Lohan.

who cares...they all suck at life,thats why they had nuttin better to do but drank and do drugs,boo-hoo life goes on,its not like the bimbos did anything to contribute to the gay community,homos need to move on and show more concern for real-life gay issues.

These are real-life gay issues.

Britney Jean Spears will have the last laugh. She will bury us all and piss on our graves.

Yea these are real-life gay issues alright (Sarcasm intended) I would like to see more gays especially my generation ages(18-25) worried about the well being of this community and what will happen if we go through another HIV/AIDS epidemic,which we are getting pretty close to since the young'ns wanna fuck whoever the hell they can get their fuckin hands on (without using condoms) gay equality and well being should be the issue here,not how Britney Spears Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan are fucking up their own lives.Thats why using this site is pointless,this is my first time on this site since word got out that the new avalon saturdays was a failure (2 months ago)

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