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August 20, 2007

Hot Mess of the Week: Shealita Baby

I know we are a day late in announcing last week's Hot Mess of the week, but there were just so many Hot Messes last week thus making the decision a hard one. 

I'm glad we waited, because last night a New York City drag queen Shealita Baby took the cake!

The evening started out as typical at Hot Mess.  The hostesses Epiphany and Acid Betty started their voyage to get everyone so drunk that they can't find the door.

Our special guest performer, Shealita Baby, fell for their ploy hook line and sinker!  I guess she had never been to Hot Mess at Porky's before!

Not only did Shealita win every beer bong competition (damn that draggie can down some beer), but she also enjoyed SEVERAL cocktails from the sexy Hot Mess bartenders.

Shealita is known as the "church lady," and it looks like she must be catholic 'cuz the girl can drink!!  After a few dozen cocktails and several beer bongs, we ran into Shealita baby again outside where the GaySocialites paparazzi found her passed out on the curb.

That's why the fabulous church lady Shealita is last week's Hot Mess of the Week!

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now that's a hot mess

its funny, I wasnt even that drunk


Yup..I know that girl REAL WELL, and yeah she can drink...and is lots of fun. I think next time, I'll go down with her. Keep downing them baby...just like I helped teach ya to do so!!


Shealita You're a hooker!

LOL there's the shealita i know! bitch you finally won a title i knew was yours for the taking. ;-) congrats bitch. xoxo lol

Free booze? Where was I? That lucky bitch.

hahaha i love shealita

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