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August 13, 2007

K-Fed's attorney speaks out on subpeonas


Kevin Federline's high-profile attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan is speaking out about serving Britney and her assistant Alli Sims with invites to court. 

“Kevin is very serious about the case he’s filed.” He continued, “I can tell you that we believe she [Alli] has been around the environment where the kids are…she’s been around and witness to many things. The deposition subpoena requires her to be cross examined by me in front of the court reporter and that’s just one step in preparing our case.” 

K-Fed filed papers last week in which he evidently requested full custody of the two kids he fathered with Britney.  In addition, over the weekend he served Alli with papers so she can testify that Britney is putting the boys in danger.

This is about to get nasty!!!



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