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August 23, 2007

New York City has THE hottest fire fighters

I must say that I thought Mr. Michael Biserta, the firefighter on the cover this year's sexy FDNY calendar, was a diamond in the rough.  I was wrong!

The whole New York Fire Department must be gorgeous!  Where do they get these guys? Modeling agencies?

Not that I am saying ANYTHING positive came out of the Deutsche Bank fire in Lower Manhattan this past weekend, but it does help the GaySocialites by having all of these hunky fire fighters in our neighborhood!

I think it should be a necessity that this hot firemen guard the building now known as the "Tower of Terror" until it is completely taken down!

I definitely don't mind the eye candy and call of the hoses everywhere!

Keep up the good work hotties!!

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Lots of respect for a firefighter!
Alabama Florists

Tons of respect for a firefighter!


that is respectful for a fireman. he said he is hot.

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