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August 27, 2007

Owen Wilson's battle with pills


No one has officially confirmed that Owen Wilson was hospitalized on Sunday due to an attempted overdose, but Star magazine seems convinced that the actor tried to take his own life.

In addition, Star also says they have a source that has uncovered Wilson's previous battles with a pill addiciton.

"Owen was very dedicated to AA and to living a clean life," the source explains. "I knew him when he was sober and to see him slip back into his disease was tough. We attended AA meeting at the Café Tropical in Silver Lake twice a week for several years. However, once Owen's career took off he put his sobriety and AA on the back burner. He started coming less and less to meetings. When I would see him I would ask him how he was doing, he would act like everything was fine, but I could tell he was struggling with alcohol and drugs, mainly prescription pills. He looked haggard and his face looked puffy. In January of 2006, he stopped coming to meetings all together."

"I ran into him in October of 2006 at an art opening in West Hollywood and he completely avoided me," the source goes on to say. "Even though it seems like Owen should be on top of the world with all of his fame and money, this obviously doesn't buy inner peace. Untreated alcoholism and drug abuse manifests into depression, anger, rage, isolation, suicide attempts and suicide. This is a deadly disease that if left untreated only gets worse, not better with time."

The magazine is also reporting that this isn't the first time Owen has been in the hospital for the same thing.  They say his brother, Andrew, had to take him to L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in June.


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