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August 7, 2007

Video of Anna Nicole's boob surgery surfaces


Howard K. Stern is back in court defending the honor of his woman, Anna Nicole Smith.

On August 3, Howard K. Stern, Smith’s former lover and the executor of her estate, was granted a temporary restraining order against Dr. Gerald Wayne Johnson, the Texas doctor who performed the breast implant surgery that gave the former Playmate her cartoonish curves. Also named in the suit are Johnson’s wife, Alana Johnson, and Thomas Riccio, an L.A.-based memorabilia broker.

Evidently Dr. Johnson taped Anna Nicole's boob job surgery without her concent back in 1994, and evidently his wife tried to sell the tapes to Riccio.

How many more people are going to try and make money off of this dead lady?

In a filing earlier this year, Stern alleged that selling the tape violates patient/doctor privilege, as well as federal HIPPA guidelines and Texas state law.

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