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August 6, 2007

Your dog can bite Michael Vick, here's how...

The gaysocialites.blog guard dogs, Angelina and Parker, are about to get a new chew toy!  Introducing the Michael Vick chew toy!

While Vick is loosing all of his endorsements after being arrested for dog fighting, someone else is going to make a few bucks at the dog killer's expense!  I LOVE IT!!!

Finally, our pets can take out all of their agression on Michael Vick.  Hop over to www.vickdogchewtoy.blog and grab one for your pooch!

"While most of us have turned a blind eye to this underground world of dogfighting, Michael Vick has helped to blow the doors wide open on this problem. There are now more people responding to the horrible situation that many of these animals have been subjected to. Now a new type of retribution has been created to give every dog a little pay-back," according to the website.

This is wonderful!  Maybe they could make some poop bags or potty pads with his face on them too!

Angelina and Parker are so ready to attack a Michael Vick chew toy....

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