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September 2, 2007

32 arrested in drug raid at Mr. Black

The dance floor is black at Mr. Black, and it looks like it will be for a while - if not forever! 

The NYPD says that 32 people were arrested early on Saturday morning when cops raided the popular New York City gay club. 

gaysocialites.blog broke this story on Saturday, and now we can confirm that 17 Mr. Black staff members and 15 patrons were charged. 

Authorities say the raid was the final stage of an undercover investigation that found massive drug dealing and open use of a variety of narcotics in the dance club and bar.  Cops tell gaysocialites.blog that the drugs were being sold, used and held in full view of patrons, management and staff.  At least 60 containers full of cocaine were confiscated and cops also seized and undetermined amount of ecstasy pills.

Officers involved in the investigation tell us that the club will most likely not be reopened under the current ownership and that the liquor license is also expected to be suspended. 

Following this weekend's raid NYPD said it is unlikely the club will reopen under the current owners and that the liquor license will likely be pulled.

The owners and management of Mr. Black have been contacted for comment, but they have not returned our calls and emails.

gaysocialites.blog is still working to uncover more details on this story, and we will have them available to you as soon as we confirm the information!

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