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September 08, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The final four- and the nominees are...

Big Brother 8 is down to the final four contestants.  Daniele, Dick, Jameka and Zach are the only four houseguests remaining.

After Thursday's live show on CBS, a new Head of Household was crowned.  Their new nominees went on the block Friday.  Keep reading for the results.


Zach has won his second HoH this season, and right after Eric and Jessica were sent packing; Zach promised Jameka that he would put Daniele and Dick on the chopping block for eviction.

This means that Jameka would get to decide who is evicted if they can prevent Dick and Daniele from winning the Power of Veto competition.

Zach's nominees were announced on Friday, and the backstabbers have been stabbed back.  Dick and Daniele have been nominated from eviction.  Daniele is not taking it well, and Zach has been trying to influence Jameka to send Daniele to the jury house if the vote is hers.

Karma is a bitch, I guess.

Take the gaysocialites.blog Big Brother Poll.  Who do you think should win Big Brother 8?

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finally, zach does something right!

Yes finally Zach has smartened up. They have had many chances to get rid of the Donatos. Now if Jameka can just win the power of veto and keep them on the block things will be looking a lot better.

NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! daniele and dick should be on the final 2!! they HAVE to win the power of veto!!! they are not out just YET!! and how come zach has done shotty this whole competition na d has won like the past 3 competitions he's participated in????? that sucks!

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