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September 01, 2007

Big Brother 8 SPOILER: The nominees and the PoV winner

After an endurance Head of Household challenge, Zach walked away with his first HoH on Big Brother 8. 

Zach has told Daniele and Dick that his plan is to nominate Jameka and Jessica with the intent to back door Eric.  However, if Eric won the Power of Veto, then both he and Jessica would be safe.

Keep reading to find out who is nominated and who won the PoV competition!

This is a big week for the Big Brother house guests, and they don't even know it!  On Thursday night's live show, two people will be evicted in a Live Double Eviction week.

Since there is a lot to cover during Thursday's live show on CBS, BB is rushing through this week.

On Friday Zach nominated Jameka and Jessica for eviction.  Eric and Jessica seem to feel pretty safe this week as they are expecting both Dick and Daniele's vote to carry on their alliance commitment, however Eric would love to win the PoV so he can save Jessica and himself.

Late Friday night, Big Brother flew in Janelle Pierzina from Big Brother 6 & 7 to host this week's Power of Veto competition. 

The details weren't available right away, but Daniele won the Power of Veto again!

The big question is:  Will Daniele help Zach back-door Eric of will she keep her commitment with Dick, Jessica and Eric as the Final Four Alliance.

Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted!

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I have a feeling America's Player is going home!

What's up with the Amber dissapearance - the whole "Jewish BS" - what are they really hiding?

They allowed the religious war to happen in the house; aired it 24/7 on the Internet, 3 hours on Showtime; and, 3 hours on CBS.

It was their intent to exploit; and, garner laughs at Jameeka, and Amber to beliefs They call it "Good TV" (I laughed some) They allowed the evil one, DICK, to flaunt his hate for religion. (Wow, does he get plenty of camera time) They bring in a new twist, "AMERICA'S PLAYER. JEWISH ERIC. Hmmmm. Who I think is an inbred. AMERICA'S Player. Why wasn't it the DICK or Jameeka?

With all of that freedom of expression, aired 24/7. why did the PRODUCERS, put AMBER on lock down? My theory, to avoid the JEWISH dialog. I DUE BELIEVE THE PRODUCERS ARE JEWISH.
And we know, in the media? ? ? ? You get the point.

The worst casting of BB in it's history. So bad, they had to bring in Janelle. Could Chll Town be on around the corner?


You're kidding, right?

This season is getting some of the series' best ratings. There's a buzz about the show which wasn't there before when it was considered Survivor's illegimate and "slow" sibling. It's not like Janelle has much following except among the diehards.

The producers clearly want to court some controversy but know that if it gets too big, they'll get slapped down. A whisper sometimes is louder than a shout.

Well, except for Dick. A shout is always a shout. Unless you're Jamber in which case you're always shouting out God.

o- so that is the reason waaaamber was not on the early show this week? was wndering why there was no interview - even ran throught it 2 times to make sure i didnt miss it - hmmm

I thought her comment was so out of line. Where does she get the right to say something like that! i'm jewish and when i found out what she said i was completly offended. i hated her from the begining and that just made me hate her even more. if she doesn't like eric fine but that was an anti-semetic comment that was unnecessary.

The Truth Hurts !

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