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September 06, 2007

Big Brother 8: Who should go, Jessica or Jameka?


It's Thursday again, and that means it is eviction day in the Big Brother 8 house.  Zach has nominated Jessica and Jameka for eviction, and even though she won the power to veto one of his nominations, Daniele chose to leave Jessica and Jameka on the block.

The decision this week lies in the hands of the Donatos, Dick and Daniele.  The estranged father-daughter allies are also supposed to be in an alliance with Jessica and America's Player Eric.  At this point, however, we aren't sure whether they will stick to that alliance or stab Eric and Jessica in the back.

Dick has said he plans to "strike a deal" with Jameka just before the eviction ceremony and potentially vote to evict Jessica. 

In the past weeks, America has instructed Eric to do whatever Daniele wanted.  I think the viewers like Daniele, because she reminds them of Janele.  I'm not a huge fan of Dick and Daniele, but I might like Daniele if Dick wasn't there.  This week the viewers may not get to guide Eric to vote with Dick and Daniele.  The voting has already closed, and at the last minute Dick may just stab all of his allies in the back.

Who do you think should go?

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I can not believe that Dick has intimadated everyone in the house to the point of Dick in in control of whatever goes on in the house. What a perfect example of a Bully bulling his way to the top!! Do you think Dick will run for a polictical office when BB8 is done?

How much you want to bet a straight male wins this like Dick? That's what happens almost every year. The straight males form a team and kick off the gay contestants quickly. Then they knock out the women with the help of a couple women. Dick is such a disgrace. But what's shameful is that he is America's favorite player. This guy has insulted gays and women and people still love him.

I dont know what you guys are talking about but i LOVE dick. i think he adds an entertaining twist to the game, and i have liked him and danielle since the beginnig. Dick, dont listen to these morons, you did what you had to do to get to the top, and i am not blaming you for that. me and my friends have all started a fan club for you and danielle. you guys are the best team. you are the ideal team. danielle, you are gorgeous.. how do you do it?! anyways, i haev to go now. bye

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