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September 13, 2007

Big Brother Spoiler: The Final HoH, Part 2 complete

The final Head of Household competition started on Tuesday following CBS's special live eviction show.

The winner of the first round will face the winner of the second round to see who becomes the final HoH.

Keep reading to find out which two house guests will face off to become the final Big Brother 8 Head of Household.

The first part of the Head of Household competition was an endurance challenge that Zach won.  It consisted of standing on a carrot stump while Big Brother sent a bunny around to try and knock them off.  They also got pelted with cold water and mud.  Daniele was knocked out first, followed by her father Dick.

When the house guests finally woke up after sleeping until about 2pm Big Brother time, they rolled out of bed and complained a lot.

Daniele whined because she didn't win (as she always does when she loses) while Dick complained about being sore.  Zach didn't say much at all.  He basically ingored Daniele, but I probably would too if I ever saw her.

Dick and Daniele are so confident that one of them will win, they are complaining about the prizes.  Evidently they found out that the winner wouldn't get a car this year.  If I had to guess, no vehicle manufacturer would want to chance giving a Donato a free car.

I am not sure about the details of the second round of the final HoH, because the feeds are taken down during the competition.  I do, however, know that Dick beat Daniele.

That means Daniele whined some more and pouted for the rest of the day as to why Big Brother didn't send someone in to help her pack.  Can you say big brat?! 

Sidebar:  No wonder Dick and Daniele Donato have an estranged relationship outside of the house.  Dick is one of the most heartless people I have ever seen breathe, and Daniele is basically a bratty bitch.  Would you want to be around either of them?  I didn't think so.  It looks like we have figured out why these two can't get along.

The final leg of the Head of Household competition will take place during Thursday live show.  At that point, the new HoH will evict a house guest live and thus choosing who goes with them to the final 2.

If Dick wins he will vote to evict Zach, and Zach wins he will likely evict Daniele.  If Zach does win this HoH, he will likely win the game.  The chances of this jury voting for a Donato to win will be slim to none!

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