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September 1, 2007

DJ Steve Sidewalk debuts Britney's Gimme More in NYC


Steve Sidewalk isn't normally the nightclub DJ who makes headlines for ground breaking music, but this weekend DJ Sidewalk is debuting Britney Spears' latest single Gimme More throughout New York City.

Sidewalk played the song for the first time at Splash on Thursday for Alan Picus' Campus Thursday party sponsored by BoiParty.blog.  Steve says the crowd seems pleased to hear something new from Spears.

"The pop crowds always loves Britney Spears.  When you're on the dance floor it is easy to forget all of her unruly behavior and remember her for being Toxic and a Slave," Sidewalk joked.

Sidewalk will continue to introduce Britney's new song to the New York homos all weekend long.  On Saturday night, Steve will spin at Rush and on Sunday at Porky's for Hot Mess.

If you haven't heard Britney's latest single Gimme More, click here to listen now!


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