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September 15, 2007

Eva Longoria denies David Beckham's gay role on Desperate Housewives

Evan Longoria says the rumors that David Beckham and Robbie Williams will play a gay couple during a cameo on her show Desperate Housewives aren't true.

Way to crush my dreams, Eva!

Word on the street is that Beckham and Williams would be the first gay couple on Wisteria Lane, and frankly I have been dreaming about it since I heard it.

As much I would LOVE to see David Beckham lock lips with another guy, it doesn't look like it is going to happen this time.

Eva Longoria laughs off gay Beckham in 'Desperate Housewives'

Longoria said in an interview with US celebrity news show "Extra" that reports Beckham might partner pop star Robbie Williams in a quirky cameo as Wisteria Lane's first gay couple were wide of the mark.

The actress said she had broached the subject with Beckham's wife Victoria in a recent conversation.

"No, talked to Victoria the other day," Longoria said. "I told her about that rumor, she was laughing. David had a good laugh out of it. No, they are not coming on the show."

Longoria, who married French basketball star Tony Parker earlier this year, meanwhile said the newlyweds planned to raise their family in the United States.

"Tony definitely wants to live in Texas. We both want to live in Texas," she said. "We'll spend our summers in France. We want to do both, but they'll be raised in America."

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I would even watch that horrible show to see those two play gay.

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