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September 2, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Cops say Mr. Black raid was inevitable

Most of us probably go and get wild at a variety of gay venues on a pretty regular basis, but what you don't know is that the person who appears to be partying beside you might be an undercover cop.  And they might be watching you.

An NYPD spokesperson told gaysocialites.blog exclusively that the club Mr. Black made it simple for a drug raid to occur under their roof Saturday morning by not doing anything about the blantant sale and use of drugs under their roof.

As a result, 17 staff members were arrested on Friday night for " criminal nuisance."  That basically means that the staff at Mr. Black knew patrons were using and selling drugs in public, but they didn't do anything to stop it. 

gaysocialites.blog can exclusively report that even though those 17 staff members were arrested and charged by police, the New York District Attorney's office has decided not to charge them with the crime.  In other words, they are VERY lucky!

Cops tell us they visited the club on three different occasions and witnessed drugs being consumed and dealt in open public.  Undercover cops were even able to buy drugs from three different people on the first night when they originally scoped the club out.

From what we're told, the staff and management at Mr. Black did nothing to stop it.  An NYPD spokesperson tells us that cops witnessed Mr. Black's staff members watching patrons buying, selling and doing drugs right in front of an undercover police officer.

After two visits to the club, cops observed the open use of drugs and obtained a warrant to shut the gay dance club down.  On Friday night, cops said they once again witnessed a lot of drugs changing hands; so they carried out 32 arrests.  Three people were arrested for selling drugs, 15 for possession and the 17 staff members were taken in for criminal nuisance.

From what officers tell us, Mr. Black virtually had a target stamped right on their door.   Police also tell us this wasn't the first time they had been called to the location to investigate various disturbances. 

A police spokesperson said cops have been assaulted at the club multiple times in the past when called to break up a disturbance.  In one incident, a bouncer who worked for Mr. Black was also arrested after he and three friends robbed a nearby bakery at gun point.

Cops also pointed out that they were tipped off about the blantant drug use and harboring of drug dealers at Mr. Black by complaints from patrons. 

So watch out, because you never know who might be watching you!

Mr. Blacks has been closed indefinitely and it is unlikely that the court will grant an emergency order to reopen the doors.



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This just reminded me why I dont go out to clubs in the city much anymore.The city officials and NYPD,just sucked the fun right out of it.The only reason why cops are going undercover in clubs is because they have nuttin better to do with their fuckin time except disrupt the lives of clubbers.The crime level in the city is down,so what else will they do.They should be more worried about what the next potential terrorist target will be and less worried about what clubheads are doing.When I started going out at age 18 in 2005 I had a number of options on my "what clubs to hit up" list,and mainly stuck with my 4 favs (Roxy,Spirit,Crobar,and Pacha) mainly stuck with Roxy and Spirit and of course all those places are gone,with the exception of Pacha (for now anyway)I have also been to Splash,Speed for (Area 10018) Happy Valley,Avalon,Deep,Stonewall,The Standard (A.K.A. Shelter) and club B.E.D. It only took 2 years before they all were fucked over by the city.I use to go out Fri,Sat,and Sun,and sometimes on a Thurs as well.Now if and when I go out at all I only go out maybe once or twice a month and normally end up at Pacha.I know there were many many more places before I first stepped on the dancefloor and it occurred to me that this anti-nightlife bullshit has been going on for years,with NO sign of lettin up anytime soon.Understanding that in this instance they had a good reason to shut Mr. Black down,not all clubs have this same issue.Most of the time they just shut down clubs just for the hell of shuttin them down.For Kicks I guess.Regardless of what their bogus reason 4 reacting this way to NY nightlife is,It aint even worth the trouble to bend over backwards to either get a fake I.D. or twist and turn in awkward ways to find a decent place to dance.As 4 now I will keep up with a str8 club until I find something else to do,to keep me away from this lousy city.NY aint worth 2 shitz and a damn anymore anyway.A.S.A.P. I will be gettin the fuck outta here and leaving this bullshit along wit the stuck up NY Fags behind.End of Story

You (previous commenter) are obviously a druggie just like the people picked up at Mr. Black. It is people like you who give "NY Fags" a bad name. There is nothing wrong with the police enforcing the law. The story even says they gave them three chances. I think it is unfair that they arrested the employees, but I think you are even worse for thinking that stopping people from doing drugs is wrong.

I have lost a friend to an overdose, so I can tell you that sometimes I wish the cops or someone else would have stepped in and said enough is enough.

God, you're not gone yet?

We get your point (from all your rantings about NYC club scene)!! All you want to do is take drugs and have sex in public places! Too bad, NYC is not down for that. I feel so bad that you can only get fucked up one or twice a month... HAHAHAHAHA!

Really now, get a life. There's more to life than clubbing and taking recreational drugs.

it was a shit box any way

We have all been to Mr. Black, and we know that you could go there to get your drugs, do your drugs and have a good time. Hell, I got drugs there when I wasn't even looking for them. My point is that it was just a matter of time until it ended. You really can't live like this forever. This is not 1978 and Mr. Black is definitely no 54.

Just wanted to let you know that the charges against the 17 employees were dropped because "criminal nuisance" cannot be charged against employees of an establishment, just the proprieter. Thus, the 17 charges, and the arrests, were all bogus.

many of the customers arrested say that they had no drugs on their body when they were arrested, but happened to be standing in a place where fleeing customers dropped their drugs.

as far as I know... of the 32 people arrested, only 2 were actually charged. What does that say about the raid?

Please try to be a little more responsible in your blogging, people see your posts as factual news, and there are many MANY inaccuracies in this post, too many for me to bother pointing out.

Regardless of what you ignorant people think,small portions of the first comment makes a some sense,yallz problem is that yall ASSume everyone who goes to clubs on a weekly bases does drugs (yall do know what the word ASSume spells)atleast yall should.I myself use to go out every week but not for drugs and alcohol because first off i dont drink AT ALL and second I simply just don't do drugs.When I did go out every week I went out to hear a big time DJ spin some good House Music at music driven places.I loved the idea of gettin dolled up to go out dancing with a couple of friends,especially after a long work/school week.Mr. Black was a scary little box agreed on that...but dont be going around talkin shit and carryin on about people that go to clubs alot,if your idea of going out is going to a dump like Rush while some small time loser DJ spins pop,hiphop,and top 40 songs all nite as if he worked for the Z100 radio station,thats all good.Or if you just like to sit in front of your computer on manhunt,myspace,or gay.blog on a saturday nite,thats fine for you as well.There are some of us out there who like to go dancing and hear some real music at a real club,and again not all of us are drugheads or alcoholics (maybe thats just yall).But atleast be actual "ADULTS" about it and let other people make their point because maybe if you werent so ignorant and didnt have that big stick up yall asses you would see their point and wouldnt have to fly over handle bars about the other person's comment.Frankly your attitudes just prove to me why there is no more real gay nightlife in the city no longer. In the end your ignorance and ASSumptions makes you the big ASSHOLE anyway.So Im dont preaching to the clueless,Have a nice holiday Dickwads

The reason the staff were NOT charged with anything was because there was NOTHING to charge them with...simple. Get your story straight and hire a real journalist to do the reporting.

The reason the staff were NOT charged with anything was because there was NOTHING to charge them with...simple. Get your story straight and hire a real journalist to do the reporting.

Awwwww, all the druggies are pissed off.


Get lives assholes.

I don't think this story is necessarily inaccurate, but I do wonder why you did not interview anyone who was there except the cops.

The defense by those who were arrested is weak. If they didn't do anything wrong, why is everyone so upset about them getting arrested?

Well Damn! I never heard of this place until it's shut down. Would have loved to find a hookup to get some good stuff.

I hope what they said about patrons going narco on other patrons isnt true although I wouldnt be surprised going by what the gay community has become..yet another reason to stay home and hit up craigslist...better than getting herded like cattle at a so called benefit.

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