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September 1, 2007

George Clooney endorses Barack Obama


Now that it looks like Al Gore isn't going to pull a last minute surprise by jumping into the presidential race, George Clooney is evidently throwing his support behind Barack Obama calling the Senator and Democratic contender a "rock star."

"You've been in a room once in a while with a rock star. He walks into the world, and he takes your breath away. I'd love him to be president, quite honestly," Clooney said.

While attending a fundraiser for Obama in February, Clooney had great things to say about Barack while riding a fine line and complimenting the other candidates as well.


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Barack and George are both two fine looking men!!!!!!

Yeah, l think Clooney is right about that, he definitely has a rock star quality about him. When l watch him speak, l listen to his every word like a hungry person. He is so intelligent, that you just want him to keep speaking. He makes emphasis to his every word, he is full of confidence. l love this man and he is just what American needs right now. Someone who has got a good judgements on things (afterall he never voted for the war), someone who is new, fresh, has a good family values. He enchant me, and l know good things will certainly come out of him for the America people and he will promote a good relationship with people and countries around the world for America and the American people.

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