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September 8, 2007

Hot Mess in HX magazine (thanks to Jason Preston)


Jason Preston is good for something other than an STD (j/k Jason, well not really but since we have to work together... I will play somewhat nice...)

He got us a free plug for Hot Mess at Porky's in this week's edition of HX magazine while he was being interviewed about sex with his sugar daddy Marc Jacobs.

Evidently they're engaged but not getting married.  You'll have to read the whole spread to understand it (and if you do, please explain it to me). 

Photo from HX Magazine.


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i see that anyone can look good with dark sunglasses and photoshop

Jason ruined his reputation by becoming a "Rent Boy" escort. He was purchased by Jacobs who made it a long term thing. If he wants to clear the air, his actions will have to change. I have witnessed him buying cocaine in night clubs. I have even seen him walking around in day light with a white ring around his nose. Just because he says he wants to help kids with AIDS doesn't make him a saint. He loves having haters,and you love hating him. You get hits, he gets attention. That's what makes the media world go 'round.

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