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September 25, 2007

James Wood claims OJ and Nicole wanted to sex him up!


Actor James Woods claims that O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown propositioned him for sex! 

ot only does James claim that Nicole wanted to have an affair on Simpson with Woods, but that both OJ and Nicole tried to lure him into bed for a threesome one night.

"It was very odd," he told Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show.

Woods says that he went to dinner with OJ and Nicole one night (when they were still married, before OJ killed Nicole and Ron Goldman).  At dinner, James claims, that Nicole started smooth talking him and later that night she and OJ invited James to their Palm Springs hotel room for a "late-night nightcap."

Even though that threesome didn't work out, James says Nicole tried again later.

"About four days later, I get to my house a letter from her, 'Dear Jimmy,' with a little heart where the 'i' is, [saying] 'O.J. is out of town, maybe you would like to 'get together' [I thought], this can't be possible."   

Woods didn't mention whether he took Nicole up on her offer or not!


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