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September 17, 2007

K-Fed's 'secret witness' is Brit's former bodyguard

TMZ.blog has confirmed with a photograph that the "secret witness" in Monday's Britney Spears/ Kevin Federline custody trial is her former bodyguard.

His name is Tony, and he can be seen with Spears in photographs taken in April and May of this year.

At this moment, Tony is still waiting to see if he will be called as a witness today. Either way, TMZ is told that his attorney, Gloria Allred, will hold a presser at the end of the day, where she will reveal his identity and about what Tony plans to testify.

Tony evidently worked with Britney while she was lip syncing her way through the House of Blues stops earlier this year.  If I had to guess Tony has seen a lot.  He is testifying for K-Fed's side, so Brit-Brit might be in some trouble!


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