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September 17, 2007

Kylie Minogue makes her DJ debut

One of our favorite women, Kylie Minogue, made her DJ debut this weekend at trendy gay club Boombox, in east London's Hoxton for the Gareth Pugh party.

Despite her odd outfit, Kylie looked stunning with her 8th different hairstyle in a month according to the Daily Mail.

A Kylie fan wrote gaysocialites.blog on Monday to say that he ran into Kylie at the club.

"I just ran into Kylie Minogue.  She is truly one of the most beautifully breath taking women/ people I have ever seen in my life.  Truly gorgeous," the fan writes.

Kylie was wearing a black leather mini-dress made with strips of fabric, and she wore a pair of sheer sparkly leggings underneath.

Not the most beautiful garb, but it is definitely something only Kylie can point off.

We're told she was dancing and havin a fabulous time.

The Gareth Pugh party was a part of London's fashion week celebration. 


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Kylie is the sex goddess of the last decade...and just gets sexier by the day!She can ware anything and she looks amazing... Long live KYLIE!

I agree she looks great no matter what all she wears. I luv Kylie! Can NOT WAIT FOR THE NEW RECORD!

Kylie always has great looking hairstyles, even when she had to go with short hairstyles she still look beautiful

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