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September 22, 2007

Phone Paps: Del Shores and Ann Walker

The phone paps have struck again! 

It just so happens that occasionally, we all run into celebrities.  If you can snap a photo of them with your camera phone, then you can be a Phone Paps too.  Simply email your submissions to with "PHONE PAPS" in the subject line.... just like this fan did when they spotted Del Shores and Ann Walker out and about!

Del and Ann are working together on the TV version for one of my favorite movies, Sordid Lives, which also stars Del's gorgeous hubby Jason Dottley.  Del is the producer and Ann Walker stars as LaVonda Dupree.

Sordid Lives: The Series is going to be HUGE especially since Olivia Newton-John has not only signed on to play her part from the movie, but she has also recorded 5 new songs just for the show.

Taping starts this fall in Louisiana.

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SORDID LIVES!!!! I can't wait. Del is sooo cute. Too bad we never see him in any of his stuff! :)

i luved that movie! i hope lesley jordan is going to be in the show too.

got any pictures of this "gorgeous" Jason Dottley?

I can't wait for the series! That movie is a scream!

I love Ann Walker! I'm so glad she is doing the series. I want an Aunt LaVonda!

I don't understand why a major network can't pick this up. I cannot get the LOGO channel and I am a HUGE fan of Del Shores and all of his work. I really want to see this show, but afraid I will never get to see it.

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